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Bi-directional Inverter
Kinergier Pro is the new generation bi-directional inverter designed for various types of off-grid systems including AC coupling system, DC coupling system and generator hybrid system. It can provide UPS class switching speed and with the capability to support parallel as well as composing a three-phase system.
Kinergier Pro delivers high reliability, performance and industry-leading efficiency for a mission-critical application. Its distinguishing surge capability makes it capable of power mostly demanding appliances, such as air conditioner, water pump, washing machine, freezer etc.
With the function of power assist & power control, it can be used to work

We specialise in TBB Inverters but have a wide variety on offer, including:

Solare Edge
Just to name a few.

Frequently Asked Questions


We need to assess your electrical needs. We will review your electrical bill and estimate, with your input, where you may want to scale your system too in the future.

Comprehensive Plan and Client approval

After assessing your needs we will provide you with a comprehensive rollout plan for your PV system and give a thorough breakdown of costs with each option.

Plan Presentation and Project acceptance
Once you have decided which option of your Solar System or Back-Up System is the right one for you, we will produce detailed drawings of how the System is going to be installed and integrated with your Home or Business.  

After approval of these final plans, we will issue the final quotation for your project. Once you have approved it, we will proceed with your installation.

Extra Information

It is by Law necessary to get your new Renewable Energy System approved by your municipality. We will do this for you.


Operating throughout South Africa


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